Reverse Engineering

Experts In Our Field

ERC has a full range of reverse engineering competencies to mitigate lapses in any customer supplied specification or the absence of any product specific data.

Electrical schematics and board layouts can be captured and drawn on 1-4 layer boards with component identification. Schematic analysis can then be done to identify weak components with respect to real world demand for current, heat, or voltage. Buffering circuitry can also be analyzed for robustness.

Software can be reversed engineered to identify calibration memory blocks, reset disabling bits, or identify communication protocols with connected modules. Without original source code and/or permission, ERC will not copy and distribute copy written software.

Components can be reversed engineered to identify specification or operational functionality. A replacement component can be found and tested to show conformance to original specification. Interface circuitry can be developed to install different package configurations of the same component.