Full Life Cycle Management

Lower Costs, Higher Profits

ERC offers services that will help customers manage their life cycle needs of a part from start of production (SOP) to end of life (EOL).

Early lifecycle objectives are to minimize warranty costs and collect and control cores.

Minimize Warranty Expense

  • Utilize Lowest Standard Cost Product
  • New Exchange or Remanufactured
  • Price Parts for Warranty Cost Containment
  • Require the Use of Reman Parts In Warranty

Collect and Control Cores

  • Core Deposit on All Target Reman Parts
  • Establish Exchange Parts at Time Of Part Set Up
  • Establish Core Eligibility and “Sunset” Policies
  • Begin Remanufacturing Process Development

The mid to late lifecycle objectives are to maximize market share, offer a competitive cost of ownership, and to maximize profits.

Maximize Market Share

  • Aftermarket Exclusivity Implemented
  • Establish Dominant Position in Aftermarket
  • Continue to Aggressively Control Cores
  • Closely Monitor Competitor Actions

Achieve Competitive Cost of Ownership

  • Value Creation of Reman Allows Competitive Position
  • Benchmark Basket of Reman Products
  • Promote Value Message in Marketplace

Maximize Profit

  • Reduce Cost of Remanufacture
  • Source Components Directly from Tier 2 and Aftermarket Vendors
  • Continually Develop New Salvage Processes